How to Talk to Foreign Girls on Bumble

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One of the easiest ways of meeting foreign women is through internet dating. Yes, you read correctly, with dating sites like “Bumble” foreign single women are easily found. However, if you’re a shy man who wants to start a conversation with a foreign woman in order to learn more about her culture or just have some fun, it is a little more difficult to start a conversation with a girl from Ukraine.

So how to start a conversation with a girl from Ukraine?

This is what you do if you want to start a conversation on Bumble app with a girl from Ukraine: you first have to find out more about her. It is best to go to her place for the interview (no coffee please). Take a note of the address, telephone number or the email address she uses. If possible, you can even call her up but I am pretty sure she doesn’t have a voice mail. After you have done that, you can start to make conversation with her.

Before you speak to her, you should already be aware of the fact that most foreign girls are shy. You need to make them at ease by talking to them in a normal conversation-not something that will make you feel weird. Keep in mind that you do not want to sound like an idiot, or she might turn you down. Try to introduce yourself slowly and let her take the lead sometimes.

Try to learn some basic conversation starters

After having a good time chatting with the foreign girls on best app for dating, ask them about their hobbies, their favorite things to do or their favorite movies. Remember that they have their own opinions and you should respect them. You can even ask them how their day was and how they are enjoying their life. Don’t talk about your life though!

A good way to break the ice is to talk about a movie that you saw together. This is a good way to introduce some humor into the conversation. If the girl is really shy, she will not think it’s funny. So just try to lighten the mood. Once you have established some friendly conversation, then you can proceed to ask questions regarding their hobbies, their favorite places and their daily routine.

Another good way to get along with foreign girls is to bring them to places you know that they usually go to

Girls on the internet tend to go to very similar places all the time

You can make friends easily this way and they will surely feel comfortable with you. Even if they do not talk to you, they will still know a lot about you. You just need to keep the conversation going and you will have a lot of good points to talk about.

Try to keep the conversation starters light and even though you are talking to a total stranger, you can still get her attention. One good point about meeting foreign girls from Russia or Ukraine is how easy they are to talk to. They are not scared away by your cold tone or the fact that you are staring at them.

You do not have to use any cheesy pickup lines in order to impress a girl. In fact, you do not need to say a word. A simple smile will do the trick.

When dealing with foreign girls, you will have plenty of opportunities to show her off. She will appreciate it if you compliment her outfit or the way she carried herself. Complimenting her choices also goes a long way towards breaking the ice.

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