How to edit photos for Tinder and become a star there

Everyone has experienced the discouragement of looking at too Photoshopped pictures on the apps, sites, or social networks. Out gut says to us it’s unnatural, and we usually reject such people.

At the same time, nobody looks completely perfect. It’s normal to present ourselves in a best way to someone we potentially hookup with. So how not to overdo things while editing a photo?

  • Waist size. Not just girls are using this kind of virtual improving, but some guys too. Make sure not to give your waist the X-look, narrow it a little bit, without side effects.
  • Face colour. If you’re blurring the skin flaws or contrasting your photo on Tinder, watch out not to spoil the face colour. Find users on how hookup. It shouldn’t get yellowish or too much pale.
  • Eyes and lips. There are photo editing apps that make eyes wider and lips fuller. But hey, one is going to look like a cartoon hero if they proceed with these modifications.
  • Tattoo removal. It’s the silliest editing operation ever. Old-fashioned folks bothered by a lover’s tattoo, shouldn’t seek hookups on Tinder. And the real meeting shows it up.



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